⛅AKASH Teacher: Jayme


Jayme embarked on her yoga adventure as a way to create weekly habit of exercising.

Yoga brought serenity into Jayme’s hectic schedule and eased her stress. She felt that her health improved even with the tremendous pressure from her career. Furthermore, it gave her energy.

Through her practice, it taught her to stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you can gain.

Knowing how yoga has shaped her, she advanced herself by completing the Hatha Yoga RYT200 instructor course. She started to share her experience and has decided to bring her yoga to the next level, by sharing her knowledge so that people can witness the same transformation in themselves.

⛅AKASH Teacher: Fui


小慧开始修炼瑜伽是因为关节问题, 让她改善健康, 身心平衡。后来经名师指导, 完成了瑜伽教学课程, 这让她进一步了解它不但能让你身体起变化, 还净化心灵。

教学是小慧的梦想, 让学员学习正确体位, 伸展拉筋来打通经络, 再配合呼吸, 认识自己的身体, 享受它带来的愉悦。

Fui started learning yoga to improve her health holistically. It was after she did her teacher training course with a grand master that she discovered that yoga didn’t just change your body, it purifies the soul too.

Fui has always wanted to teach, to help her students learn about correct alignment, stretching to open energy channels, and how to use the breath to understand the body and enjoy the benefits of yoga.

⛅AKASH Teacher: Marilyn


Marilyn initially started doing yoga as a way to keep fit. It was only after she took a teaching course that it became a passion. It was during her teacher training that she discovered yoga was more than just exercise, it touched her heart and mind as well. Now she can’t imagine going a day without yoga!

A budding yoga geek and certified RYT200 teacher, she can talk yoga all day. She is trained in Hatha Yoga with an active interest in learning more about yoga therapy so that she is better able to help others.

⛅ AKASH Teacher: Margery



Margery在2015年考了哈他瑜伽(Hatha Yoga)的专业教练课程,获取RYT200的文凭,从此将瑜伽融入到她的生活和工作当中。瑜伽教会了坚持与耐心,让她心领神会,只要坚持不断练习,耐心累积,就会一直向前。如果自己的心与身体的障碍都能跨越,那么人生还有什么不能克服的呢?Akash Yoga教练授课轻松自在,充满欢乐,来一起奔向这瑜伽之旅,体会瑜伽带来身心灵的奥妙乐趣。

Margery loves doing sports, she engaged in various types such as running, swimming, etc, but found that it did not help her quieten her spirit… until she found yoga. It helped her understand that exercise could only train the body but not the mind and soul. That sparked her passion for yoga and led her to want to learn more about it. The more she learned, the more she wanted to understand.

Margery attained her RYT200 certification as a Hatha Yoga teacher in 2015 and has since incorporated yoga into her life and her work. Yoga taught her perseverance and patience, that as long as she keeps practising, she will see progress.

⛅ AKASH Teacher: Michelle


Michelle’s yoga journey began as an interesting way to get back into shape after the birth of her second child, a hobby which rapidly became a passion and an amazing journey.

As a qualified yoga instructor, Michelle is highly motivated to share her passion and the benefits of yoga with others. Michelle completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Grand Master Dr Ram.Her practice varies from basic to advanced Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. She believes there is always endless learning in this journey she embarked.